25 de agosto de 2007

Premios Oscar. Mejor actor de reparto

1936 Walter Brennan “Come and Get It”
1937 Joseph Schildkraut “The Life of Emile Zola”
1938 Walter Brennan “Kentucky”
1939 Thomas Mitchell “Stagecoach”
1940 Walter Brennan “The Westerner”
1941 Donald Crisp “How Green Was My Valley”
1942 Van Heflin “Johnny Eager”
1943 Charles Coburn “The More the Merrier”
1944 Barry Fitzgerald “Going My Way”
1945 James Dunn “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”
1946 Harold Russell “The Best Years of Our Lives”
1947 Edmund Gwenn “Miracle on 34th Street”
1948 Walter Huston “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”
1949 Dean Jagger “Twelve O'Clock High”
1950 George Sanders “All About Eve”
1951 Karl Malden “A Streetcar Named Desire”
1952 Anthony Quinn “Viva Zapata”
1953 Frank Sinatra “From Here to Eternity”
1954 Edmond O'Brien “The Barefoot Contessa”
1955 Jack Lemmon “Mister Roberts”
1956 Anthony Quinn “Lust for Life”
1957 Red Buttons “Sayonara”
1958 Burl Ives “The Big Country”
1959 Hugh Griffith “Ben-Hur”
1960 Peter Ustinov “Spartacus”
1961 George Chakiris “West Side Story”
1962 Ed Begley “Sweet Bird of Youth”
1963 Melvyn Douglas "Hud”
1964 Peter Ustinov “Topkapi”
1965 Martin Balsam “A Thousand Clowns”
1966 Walter Matthau “The Fortune Cookie”
1967 George Kennedy “Cool Hand Luke”
1968 Jack Albertson “The Subject Was Roses”
1969 Gig Young “They Shoot Horses, Don't They?”
1970 John Mills “Ryan's Daughter”
1971 Ben Johnson “The Last Picture Show”
1972 Joel Grey “Cabaret”
1973 John Houseman “The Paper Chase”
1974 Robert De Niro “The Godfather II”
1975 George Burns “The Sunshine Boys”
1976 Jason Robards “All the President's Men”
1977 Jason Robards “Julia”
1978 Christopher Walken “The Deer Hunter”
1979 Melvyn Douglas “Being There”
1980 Timothy Hutton “Ordinary People”
1981 John Gielgud “Arthur”
1982 Louis Gossett Jr. “An Officer and a Gentleman”
1983 Jack Nicholson “Terms of Endearment”
1984 Haing S. Ngor “The Killing Fields”
1985 Don Ameche “Cocoon”
1986 Michael Caine “Hannah and Her Sisters”
1987 Sean Connery “The Untouchables”
1988 Kevin Kline “A Fish Called Wanda”
1989 Denzel Washington “Glory”
1990 Joe Pesci “Goodfellas”
1991 Jack Palance “City Slickers”
1992 Gene Hackman “Unforgiven”
1993 Tommy Lee Jones “The Fugitive”
1994 Martin Landau “Ed Wood”
1995 Kevin Spacey “The Usual Suspects”
1996 Cuba Gooding Jr. “Jerry Maguire”
1997 Robin Williams “Good Will Hunting”
1998 James Coburn “Affliction”
1999 Michael Caine “The Cider House Rules”
2000 Benicio Del Toro “Traffic”
2001 Jim Broadbent “Iris”
2002 Chris Cooper “Adaptation”
2003 Tim Robbins “Mystic River”
2004 Morgan Freeman “Million Dollar Baby”
2005 George Clooney “Syriana”
2006 Alan Arkin “Little Miss Sunshine”
2007 Javier Bardem "No country for old men"
2008 Heath Ledger "The dark knight"
2009 Christoph Waltz "Inglourious basterds"
2010 Christian Bale "The fighter"
2011 Christopher Plummer "Beginners"